Friday, January 27, 2012

Forgiveness and my very BAD week

It's been a bad week. Why bad? I've rammed full-force into a lot of walls; repetitively faced opposing opinions on complicated issues. I like to win! On some issues my point of view has prevailed and on others I have had to declare defeat. Sometimes it has been messy, I have hurt others' feelings, and I have disappointed.

The hardest hit has been my own selfish ego. I am stubborn, and driven, and sometimes place unreasonable expectations on others and, I grudgingly admit, myself. I have been oblivious to experiencing the same lesson over and over for the past few days until clarity came this morning; in a calming yoga pose.

The solution: forgiveness. However, surprisingly to me, I needed to start with forgiveness of self. Once that process began I was able to move into a space of humility, gratitude, and apology.

I can feel the black cloud lifting.

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